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Parent Portal






If you have already registered, you can access the portal by following this link:


Parents are invited to access the Oxley High School Parent Portal in order to:

  • View Studentย Reports
  • View Student Timetables
  • Make Parent/Teacher interview bookings
  • Manage and view attendance information
  • Submit requests to changeย student records including contact information
  • View communications including newsletters andย daily notices
  • View the number of positive and negative incidents recorded for the term

In order to register for access to the parent portal, parents/guardians must first have on hand the letter they have received from the school containing their family or individual student access code. Once you have this letter, the process is as follows:

  1. Visit theย Parent Portal Registrationย page

  2. On that page, create an account by providing an email address and password of your own choosing

  3. Log in to theย Parent Portalย using this email address and password

  4. Once inside the portal, there is a section to enter an Access Code, which will attach your parent portal account to the appropriate student records.ย KEEP THIS ACCESS CODE PRIVATEย as anybody with this access code can access your student's information.

You now have completed the account creation process. In future you can just log in to the portal using your email address and own password at any time. The access code is not needed again once it has been used, though it can be used multiple times, for example to connect multiple parent accounts.

Can't access the portal?

If you cannot log in, it is possible to reset your password so long as you know the email address you used to set up the account. To do this, visit theย Forgot Passwordย ย page.

If you never received the letter with your access code, you will need toย contact the school. You will need to provide verification of your identity before access is given.

Student Access

Students may also log in to the portal using their school username and password. However, students will only have access to a restricted set of functions, such as viewing timetable information and notices. Students are not able to respond to absence notifications or update family details.