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Starting year seven in 2022: the guide is here!

Cover of the Getting ready for high school guide.

High school is full of excitement, new experiences, and, of course, the occasional challenge too. Getting the most out of it requires preparation and a clear sense of what lies ahead.

Thatโ€™s why, to help students and their parents prepare for 2022, weโ€™ve created a starting school guide that is now available to download as a printable PDF. In the guide, youโ€™ll find helpful information on topics ranging from how students can look after their overall wellbeing to why their consistent attendance is so important.

You can view the e-book online or download the guide on our website.

Along with the Starting High School guide weโ€™ve included some pull-out resources:

Maths is everywhere! That's why in this year's starting school pack that we sent to schools, we included a collection of fun activities on a fold-out accordion aiming to help students get excited about maths.Theyโ€™ll learn how to build a budget, calculate hourly rates, track your fitness, and more.

If your child is interested in exploring their options after school, they can get free, individualised career advice and resources from Careers NSW that can help kickstart their career. Students can take the career quiz to help them understand their work style and explore careers they might enjoy. Students can also speak to a careers advisor or an industry expert and visit the self-service website to help them understand which educational pathways can match them with the skills they need to find employment.ย 

Students interested in their training options after school can discover and compare a wide variety of fee-free training courses and providers across NSW on the Skills NSW website.

Visit our Parents and Carers hub for resources, articles, checklists and tools to help families get ready.